Flatwoods Church
Fire Station
Church in the Alley
950 McKinley



The Canton Pentecostal Temple all began in Flatwoods, KY. In 1934, a minister, conducted services in a fire station on Navarra Road in Canton, Ohio. In 1936 they relocated to a store-front on Marion Avenue. The congregation moved to south McKinley Avenue in 1945 to the “Church in the Alley”. A larger church building became available. The building was located at 950 McKinley Avenue and was called the McKinley Avenue Temple. The Jewish congregation grew too large for the facility. In 1953, the building at 950 McKinley Avenue was purchased from the  Temple of Israel.


CTP continues to grow strong and confident in our move toward multi-denominational worship, realizing God did not create division.  Help us bring unity to the body of Christ.  Come and worship with us.